Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Looking for inspiration?

Sometimes one of the biggest challenges us creative types face is finding INSPIRATION!
It's madness really. There is so much to inspire everywhere you look.
If you lie on the grass and look at the clouds you can see a million pictures.
A walk in the garden uncovers unlimited triggers for the imagination.
So is it really inspiration we are looking for?
Maybe it's direction...motivation...confidance???
Most artists I know are their own biggest critic.
We have this need for perfection.
Maybe not in a sense that most people look for.
But a need to fill the void.
To capture a moment.
An emotion.
Maybe it is the fear of failure that stops us from moving forward and letting inspiration take over? But can you really fail at being creative?
It is really all about our perception.
It's time we as artists believe in ourselves.


Why the name?

Paint Under Your Nails???

Well I needed something crazy!
And as this is a space I intend to share my creative explorations,
I figure I might as well get right to it!
I mean, if you are not willing to get paint under your nails...well...what's the point?!

Welcome to my mad world of creativity!!! :D


Melanie xo